You have certainly seen them on yoga stars or worn as spiritual jewelry or on the Buddha….


What are these mysterious pearl chains ???

How can they help us?

These pearls are called malas (or japa malas) and have existed for thousands of years. Originally from Nepal or India, traditionally the malas were used for meditation and prayer but today they create calm and inner peace.

The malas are generally composed of 108 pearls representing the coordinates of the spiritual center of the universe but they can be composed of 54, 27, 21 pearls and even 18.

The use of the mala in meditation does not require any prior knowledge of traditions or rituals. Just sit for 10 to 15 minutes in an appropriate place to pass the pearls with your fingertips, breathing deeply and slowly with each movement (inspiration // expiration). This sequence allows information to be transmitted from the muscles to the brain and to relax the nervous system.

After going around the mala gently exit meditation by sitting in silence for a few moments and taking deep breaths.
Do not be discouraged if you do not feel perfectly relaxed on the first attempt.