Stones & crystals emit so-called “ fine ” energy,

beneficial whatever the form: raw, polished, cut ...

Everyone can experience this energy in their own way.

You will find below some natural stones used

in TrendlittleShop bracelets as well as the virtues that

are assigned to them.


ROCK CRYSTAL helps reduce stress and anxiety, 
helps fight addictions, 
strengthens concentration, 
strengthens the immune system, 
increases self-confidence, 
relieves headaches, 
alleviates muscle pain.

It is the ideal bracelet for athletes who need to increase their strength and concentration.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet OEIL DE TIGRE

Its action is well targeted on the solar plexus chakra to bring us its luminous radiation. In contact with him, we take our place to assert ourselves, we take back our personal power and we have the courage to assume our values and have them respected.

We thus become master of ourselves, very comfortable in our energies.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet OBSIDIENNE

BLACK OBSIDIAN to relieve tension

Volcanic stone, Obsidian is a protective stone. We use our strength to speed up healings. The depth of its black color symbolizes balance and stability.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet AVENTURINE VERTE

GREEN AVENTURINE brings introspection and self Control it is a good meditation stone, it can be associated with rose quartz to do a complete work on the heart chakra awakening the love of self and others . This stone calms irritabilities making it more patient and persevering.


LAVA STONE is a stimulating mineral whose powerful energy vibrates with the chakras.

It therefore allows us to reconnect body and mind, to leave the past and its traumas behind us.

It helps us to become aware of the present moment in order to live in gratitude, joy and good humor, it is a stone of rooting.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet QUARTZ ROSE

The success of rose quartz is explained by its soft and accessible energy, for children as for adults. Rose quartz carries with it tenderness, emotional comfort and emotional security.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet AIGUE MARINE

The field of action and the influence of this beautiful precious stone are indeed vast and extensive. Whether it is to appease the one who takes an exam, bring happiness in love, facilitate expressiveness or act on various areas of our health, its virtues are multiple and essential.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet LABRADORITE

LABRADORITE has a shielding effect also acts on the physique. Difficult digestion causes abdominal pain and discomfort in the intestines.

Labradorite helps balance the digestive system. Its vibrations regulate all the organs of the body.  

It is a stone that boosts body and mind.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet SODALITE

SODALITE to calm his apprehensions.

Stone that allows you to stay focused by eliminating intrusive thoughts

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet AMETHYSTE

Amethyst can accompany us during our meditations to open and clarify the crown chakra (at the top of the skull).

Its color is indeed that of temperance, the appeasement of any type of excess to bring back reason and calm.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet APATITE

Apatite stone is a great help for people who suffer from excess tension. Carried close to the heart, it soothes excessively high tension and helps overcome emotional disturbances .

On the physical level it is a beneficial stone for the bones and the joints.

How to recharge energy stones and  crystals

The moon phase is ideal for recharging your stones and crystals

and especially that of the full moon.


It is at this moment that the moon reflects, with all its illuminated face, the light of the solar star.

If the sky is also clear, this is a great way to recharge, not only the more fragile stones that deteriorate with direct exposure to the sun, but all your minerals.


Do not deprive yourself of exposing them from time to time, it can only be beneficial to them.

How long to recharge your stones in the light of the moon?

Either way, you can leave them there overnight.


If the sky is particularly overcast or you are in a lunar phase

less illuminated and you feel that your stone still needs to be recharged,

you can of course repeat the exposure.