Stones & crystals emit so-called “ fine ” energy,

beneficial whatever the form: raw, polished, cut ...

Everyone can experience this energy in their own way.

You will find below some natural stones used

in TrendlittleShop bracelets as well as the virtues that

are assigned to them.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet SODALITE

It is a stone supposed to improve our vision, to see clearly what is playing in us. We can thus take a step back from a situation and consider all the options with precision. It is a stone of harmony for the mind, which balances our thoughts and at the same time intensifies concentration and reflection.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet AMETHYSTE

Amethyst can accompany us during our meditations to open and clarify the crown chakra (at the top of the skull).

Its color is indeed that of temperance, the appeasement of any type of excess to bring back reason and calm.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet APATITE

Apatite stone is a great help for people who suffer from excess tension. Carried close to the heart, it soothes excessively high tension and helps overcome emotional disturbances .

On the physical level it is a beneficial stone for the bones and the joints.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet OEIL DE TIGRE

Its action is well targeted on the solar plexus chakra to bring us its luminous radiation. In contact with him, we take our place to assert ourselves, we take back our personal power and we have the courage to assume our values and have them respected.

We thus become master of ourselves, very comfortable in our energies.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet OBSIDIENNE

Lava stone comes from volcanic flows, it contains the energy of purifying fire.

It would bring protection, strength and courage to face life and its difficulties.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet AVENTURINE VERTE

L’AVENTURINE VERTE apporte de l'introspection et du self Control c'est une bonne pierre de méditation, on peut l'associer au quartz rose afin de faire un travail complet sur le chakra du coeur éveillant l'amour de soi et des autres. Cette pierre calme les irritabilités rendant plus patient et persévérant.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet QUARTZ ROSE

The success of rose quartz is explained by its soft and accessible energy, for children as for adults. Rose quartz carries with it tenderness, emotional comfort and emotional security.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet AIGUE MARINE

Le champ d’action et le rayonnement de cette belle pierre précieuse sont effectivement vastes et étendus. Que ce soit pour apaiser celui qui passe un examen, porter bonheur en amour, faciliter l’expressivité ou agir sur divers domaines de notre santé, ses vertus sont multiples et indispensables.

lithothérapie pierre brute et bracelet LABRADORITE

La LABRADORITE a un effet bouclier agit également sur le physique. Une digestion difficile engendre des douleurs abdominales et des gênes au niveau des intestins.

La Labradorite permet d’équilibrer le système digestif. Ses vibrations régulent l’ensemble des organes du corps. 

C’est une pierre qui booste corps et esprit.