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If you want to discover the whole collection and all the surprises it has in store, all during an afternoon or an evening with friends, you can also reserve your date for a private sale at home, with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


For that, you just have to reside in the Annécienne region and to contact me by mail or by telephone by indicating me the date which would suit you best for this kind of event.

With friends or colleagues, one evening a week after a day of work in aperitif mode to decompress, on Saturday to start the weekend well, all the reasons are good to have fun.

The "meeting" lasts as long as you want, no need to plan a full afternoon for those in a hurry. On the contrary, for those who like to take their time, your fittings will last as long as you need.

It's the perfect opportunity to have a good time between trying on jewelry and talking with friends.

And if you have any questions, I'm here to answer them.

So, are we cracking?



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Due to government measures

all private sales dates have been canceled

appointment after confinement ...

The precise addresses of the places are only communicated in private message .

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